Shaping new investment paradigms with enormous potential for both profit and purpose.

Bravery is universally viewed as a virtue, whether in the context of war, politics, justice, medicine, or any of a number of other fields of human endeavor. The one place where you rarely hear the term is in the context of investing.

We want to change that.

“Brave Capital” is our name for a convergence of efforts already underway in the innovative circles of finance. The goal is to achieve compelling long-term returns by investing in new structures and frameworks that lack robust track records, yet hold enormous promise in terms of both profit and societal impact.

• We see the strong performance of Breakthrough Energy and OpenAI as a clear signal that unique endeavors with long timelines can yield significant development of novel, marketable technologies.

• We see a number of emerging examples of additional paradigms that we believe also have the ability for outsized success if provided a similar level of attention and capital.

• For more information, read our founder’s “Brave Capital” blog post here.